Phil Oldham

Hi Everyone,

It’s been quite a ride over the past 25 years, but one that has brought me full circle since I work at Midd now! I had some trouble jumpstarting my career, so after we graduated I spent time here waiting tables at Up’s (still here for your dining pleasure this June) and doing research for one of my professors—“Ron” (also now known as President Liebowitz, at least for another few months).

Leanne Fesenmeyer

A quick synopsis of life post MIDD:

- Joined P&G in 1990 and spent 10+ years in CPG Brand Management/Marketing with Bristol Myers, Reckitt Benckiser, Intercontinental Hotels and Russell Athletic.

- Married Dan in 1994 and after my eldest, Ryan was born in 2001, I shifted to a more flexible career as an executive recruiter. I started out with Heidrick & Struggles and currently work with Spencer Stuart.

- Got an MBA from Duke in 1997 and moved to Atlanta where we had: Ryan (14), who is excited to join me for the trip to VT; Lucas (11) and Will (9).

Amos Beason

When I began filling out my form to attend the 25th, it occurred to me that I am now the same age my father was when my parents dropped me off at Midd in the fall of 1986. I remember thinking then how different from me he seemed, and believing somehow that I would never, ever be that old. As I look ahead to next weekend, I wonder which voice -- my old self or my old man -- will be in my head if someone says late Friday, “Let’s take a midnight trip under Otter Creek Falls…” Can’t lay odds, either way.

Steve Hanna

Wow- has it been 25 years? Crazy. After graduation, I moved back to California and started grad school. 5 year and many late nights later- I left UCLA with a PhD in Chemistry. I searched around for a job- not wanting to leave California, and found this thing called 3D Printing. I have spent the last 20 years working at 3D Systems developing and managing materials for the company that started 3D Printing. It has been a pretty exciting ride... I never thought that I would stay more than 5 years at this smallish startup...

Bob Wiklund

After graduation I moved to DC and lived in a group house with fellow grads Brad Wiss and Audrey Pritchard. Worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Dole, and met the likes of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Mohammad Ali. Grad school in DC at Johns Hopkins SAIS. Married to my wife Carrie in 1993, then immediately off to Belarus to work for the International Finance Corporation. Been living the expat life ever since, next with the Urban Institute in Moscow, then with Caterpillar Financial in Baltimore, Nashville, Moscow (again), Singapore, Hamburg, Houston and now in England.

Chip Hart

The summer after graduation, I worked at WRMC for a wonderful summer with a few of the usual suspects, after which I had no plan. I returned home to my parents back in Burlington, scoured the want ads, and took a job with a small, local software company ( I've been there ever since.

Michael Bowe

"What a long, strange trip its been"! Things turned out wonderful for me since Middlebury, but lots of twists and turns I never expected. After Middlebury I taught for 2 years at Pomfret School in Connecticut, with frequent weekend visits back to Midd to play music with Tasty Llama. Enjoyed the music so much I quit teaching and lived out in Boulder Colorado for 3 years, playing in small groups or solo, working in the beautiful Boulder Bookstore.

Annie Janeway

This awesome spring weather reminds me of Midd. These days I am living back in my hometown area of Norwich, VT, across from Hanover and Dartmouth. I work at the Upper Valley Land Trust doing fundraising and member relations. I am outdoors as much as possible in all four seasons. Traveling less these days but home is a great place - pop over to Midd a few times a year and the Adirondacks in the summer. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Donna Volpitta

It has certainly been an eventful 25 years. 

Soon after graduation, I met my husband, Rich, and we now have four kids, Stefan (8), Sarah (10), Jenna (11) and Marco (13).  So, really, college was four life-times ago.